Guess The Idiom Answers

Level 1-1: Piece of cake
Level 1-2: Dime a dozen
Level 1-3: Cry wolf
Level 1-4: Cup of Joe
Level 1-5: Cut the cheese
Level 1-6: Drive me nuts
Level 1-7: Fish out of water
Level 1-8: Flea market
Level 1-9: High and dry
Level 1-10: In a pickle

Level 2-1: Jumping the gun
Level 2-2: Head over heels
Level 2-3: Hit below the belt
Level 2-4: I smell a rat
Level 2-5: In the red
Level 2-6: Top drawer
Level 2-7: Chew the fat
Level 2-8: Ducks in a row
Level 2-9: Night owl
Level 2-10: Long in the tooth

Level 3-1: Love birds
Level 3-2: Upgrade
Level 3-3: Smoking gun
Level 3-4: Needle in a haystack
Level 3-5: On cloud nine
Level 3-6: Greased lightning
Level 3-7: Out on a limb
Level 3-8: Fist pump
Level 3-9: Playing for keeps
Level 3-10: Plot thickens

Level 4-1: Quality time
Level 4-2: Under the weather
Level 4-3: Ride him cowboy
Level 4-4: Not on my watch
Level 4-5: Scot free
Level 4-6: Talk the talk
Level 4-7: Theres no I in team
Level 4-8: You only live once
Level 4-9: Tug of war
Level 4-10: Red Herring

Level 5-1: Ugly duckling
Level 5-2: Under your nose
Level 5-3: Throw in the towel
Level 5-4: Sunday funday
Level 5-5: Bite the bullet
Level 5-6: Caught red handed
Level 5-7: Cold turkey
Level 5-8: Jaywalker
Level 5-9: Kick the bucket
Level 5-10: Bucket list

Level 6-1: Rule of thumb
Level 6-2: Saved by the bell
Level 6-3: Drop in the bucket
Level 6-4: Foot in the door
Level 6-5: Pig in a poke
Level 6-6: Straight laced
Level 6-7: Lady in red
Level 6-8: About face
Level 6-9: Overboard
Level 6-10: Ace in the hole

Level 7-1: Third wheel
Level 7-2: When pigs fly
Level 7-3: Whats up doc
Level 7-4: Walk the plank
Level 7-5: Upside down
Level 7-6: Trick or treat
Level 7-7: Top notch
Level 7-8: Elbow room
Level 7-9: The bees knees
Level 7-10: Shark week

Level 8-1: Apple of my eye
Level 8-2: Spelling bee
Level 8-3: Kissed by a rose
Level 8-4: Pop goes the weasel
Level 8-5: Silver bullet
Level 8-6: Piggyback
Level 8-7: Say cheese
Level 8-8: Blue moon
Level 8-9: Sick puppy
Level 8-10: On the ball

Level 9-1: Holy Cow
Level 9-2: Save Face
Level 9-3: Play by ear
Level 9-4: Push the envelope
Level 9-5: Goody two shoes
Level 9-6: Riding shotgun
Level 9-7: Chill out
Level 9-8: Cry over split milk
Level 9-9: Eye for an eye
Level 9-10: Knuckle down

Level 10-1: Fight fire with fire
Level 10-2: Fit as a fiddle
Level 10-3: Talk to the hand
Level 10-4: Sleep tight
Level 10-5: Arm and a leg
Level 10-6: Whole hearted
Level 10-7: Hands down
Level 10-8: Hear Hear
Level 10-9: Cut to the chase
Level 10-10: The last straw

Level 11-1: Know the ropes
Level 11-2: Jaws of death
Level 11-3: Quick and dirty
Level 11-4: One for the road
Level 11-5: Alive and kicking
Level 11-6: Down for the count
Level 11-7: Bang for your buck
Level 11-8: Shot in the dark
Level 11-9: Word for word
Level 11-10: Happy as a clam

Level 12-1: Tough it out
Level 12-2: Fate worse than death
Level 12-3: The bitter end
Level 12-4: Dropping like flies
Level 12-5: Feather in ones cap
Level 12-6: Beating a dead horse
Level 12-7: Close but no cigar
Level 12-8: The dark side
Level 12-9: Son of a gun
Level 12-10: Lovey Dovey

Level 13-1: Think positive
Level 13-2: Eat my hat
Level 13-3: Easy as pie
Level 13-4: On the same page
Level 13-5: I understand
Level 13-6: Eat humble pie
Level 13-7: Dead ringer
Level 13-8: The jig is up
Level 13-9: Security blanket
Level 13-10: All greek to me

Level 14-1: Two peas in a pod
Level 14-2: Ahead of his time
Level 14-3: Toe the line
Level 14-4: Back to square one
Level 14-5: Read em and weep
Level 14-6: Mouth watering
Level 14-7: Put your dukes up
Level 14-8: The whole 9 yards
Level 14-9: Burst your bubble
Level 14-10: Weakest link

Level 15-1: Off his rocker
Level 15-2: Hard pill to swallow
Level 15-3: Step brothers
Level 15-4: No brainer
Level 15-5: Wing it
Level 15-6: No dice
Level 15-7: To the bat mobile
Level 15-8: Paperback
Level 15-9: Killing it
Level 15-10: No spring chicken

Level 16-1: Drawing a blank
Level 16-2: Wake up call
Level 16-3: Diamond in the rough
Level 16-4: Fools gold
Level 16-5: Pipe dream
Level 16-6: Down to earth
Level 16-7: Knock your socks off
Level 16-8: Put a sock in it
Level 16-9: Down to the wire
Level 16-10: Butter you up

Level 17-1: Keep on truckin
Level 17-2: Let her rip
Level 17-3: Pleased as punch
Level 17-4: Tongue in cheek
Level 17-5: Spill the beans
Level 17-6: Fools paradise
Level 17-7: Crack of dawn
Level 17-8: Right off the bat
Level 17-9: One tough cookie
Level 17-10: Tie the knot

Level 18-1: Rack your brain
Level 18-2: Rubbed the wrong way
Level 18-3: Up in arms
Level 18-4: Shooot the breeze
Level 18-5: Heads up
Level 18-6: Rock bottom
Level 18-7: Let your hair down
Level 18-8: Sight for sore eyes
Level 18-9: Toot your own horn
Level 18-10: Cross eyed

Level 19-1: Quick on the draw
Level 19-2: Not my cup of tea
Level 19-3: Silence is golden
Level 19-4: Give a man a fish
Level 19-5: Wild goose chase
Level 19-6: Foaming at the mouth
Level 19-7: Not rocket science
Level 19-8: Eye of the beholder
Level 19-9: Lickety split
Level 19-10: Thick and thin

Level 20-1: Off ones base
Level 20-2: Dumb and dumber
Level 20-3: The sky is the limit
Level 20-4: Go for broke
Level 20-5: Break the ice
Level 20-6: Point blank
Level 20-7: Wouldnt harm a fly
Level 20-8: Second guess
Level 20-9: Mistletoe
Level 20-10: Shiver me timbers
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