2 Pics 1 Phrase Answers

Level 1-1: A piece of cake
Level 1-2: Apples and oranges
Level 1-3: Elephant in the room
Level 1-4: An arm and a leg
Level 1-5: Back to square one
Level 1-6: Drive me nuts
Level 1-7: Lovebirds
Level 1-8: Happy as a clam
Level 1-9: Knock your socks off
Level 1-10: Money doesn’t grow on trees
Level 1-11: My cup of tea
Level 1-12: Burst your bubble
Level 1-13: Needle in a haystack
Level 1-14: Raining cats and dogs
Level 1-15: Break the ice
Level 1-16: Jumping the gun
Level 1-17: Cream of the crop
Level 1-18: Right off the bat
Level 1-19: Time is money
Level 1-20: Shot in the dark
Level 2-1: Wake up call
Level 2-2: Bells and whistles
Level 2-3: Eye candy
Level 2-4: Talk the talk walk the walk
Level 2-5: Foot in the door
Level 2-6: Bridge the gap
Level 2-7: Cry wolf
Level 2-8: Close but no cigar
Level 2-9: Bite the bullet
Level 2-10: Can of worms
Level 2-11: Brain drain
Level 2-12: Throw in the towel
Level 2-13: Wild goose chase
Level 2-14: Black sheep
Level 2-15: Canary in a coal mine
Level 2-16: Fight fire with fire
Level 2-17: Backseat driver
Level 2-18: Walk on eggshells
Level 2-19: White as snow
Level 2-20: Drop in the ocean
Level 3-1: Pain in the neck
Level 3-2: All Greek to me
Level 3-3: On a silver platter
Level 3-4: Dead in the water
Level 3-5: Back burner
Level 3-6: Icing on the cake
Level 3-7: Gravy Train
Level 3-8: Fifteen minutes of fame
Level 3-9: Dark horse
Level 3-10: Face the music
Level 3-11: Bad apple
Level 3-12: Walls have ears
Level 3-13: Time will tell
Level 3-14: Beating around the bush
Level 3-15: Money talks
Level 3-16: Foot in mouth
Level 3-17: Love is blind
Level 3-18: Put cards on the table
Level 3-19: Dropping like flies
Level 3-20: Barking up the wrong tree
Level 4-1: Easy as pie
Level 4-2: Drop the ball
Level 4-3: See eye to eye
Level 4-4: Ring a bell
Level 4-5: Change of heart
Level 4-6: Under the weather
Level 4-7: Full swing
Level 4-8: Ghost town
Level 4-9: Bad news travels fast
Level 4-10: Draw the line
Level 4-11: It take two to tango
Level 4-12: Back to the drawing board
Level 4-13: No man is an island
Level 4-14: Oil and water don’t mix
Level 4-15: Grease monkey
Level 4-16: Barking dogs seldom bite
Level 4-17: Blood is thicker than water
Level 4-18: Cry over spilt milk
Level 4-19: Rome wasn’t build in a day
Level 4-20: Asleep at the wheel
Level 5-1: Strike while the iron is hot
Level 5-2: Two heads are better than one
Level 5-3: Keep the ball rolling
Level 5-4: Beating a dead horse
Level 5-5: More bang for the buck
Level 5-6: A picture is worth a thousand words
Level 5-7: Call a spade a spade
Level 5-8: Kill two birds with one stone
Level 5-9: Like a fish out of water
Level 5-10: A lot on my plate
Level 5-11: Cake is not worth the candle
Level 5-12: Dead man walking
Level 5-13: Dry run
Level 5-14: Eat like a bird
Level 5-15: Pay through the nose
Level 5-16: Read between the lines
Level 5-17: Eat like a pig
Level 5-18: Cash cow
Level 5-19: Saved by the bell
Level 5-20: Take bull by the horns
Level 6-1: 6-of mouth
Level 6-2: Cut to the chase
Level 6-3: Written in stone
Level 6-4: Packed like sardines
Level 6-5: Bag of bones
Level 6-6: Wake up and smell the coffee
Level 6-7: Make a mountain out of a molehill
Level 6-8: A textbook case
Level 6-9: Dry spell
Level 6-10: Under your nose
Level 6-11: Ace in the hole
Level 6-12: Ballpark figure
Level 6-13: Bear market
Level 6-14: Birthday suit
Level 6-15: Salt of the earth
Level 6-16: Heart of gold
Level 6-17: Couch potato
Level 6-18: Herding cats
Level 6-19: Fair and square
Level 6-20: Elbow grease
Level 7-1: Close shave
Level 7-2: House of cards
Level 7-3: Deer in the headlights
Level 7-4: Bet the farm
Level 7-5: Bottom line
Level 7-6: Bedroom eyes
Level 7-7: Brown nose
Level 7-8: Bun in the oven
Level 7-9: Call the shots
Level 7-10: Carrot and stick
Level 7-11: Cherry pick
Level 7-12: Business before pleasure
Level 7-13: Clean slate
Level 7-14: Go nuts
Level 7-15: Grass roots
Level 7-16: Cold shoulder
Level 7-17: Glass ceiling
Level 7-18: Cook the books
Level 7-19: Fit as a fiddle
Level 7-20: Crack of dawn
Level 8-1: Dog and pony show
Level 8-2: Cross to bear
Level 8-3: Cut the mustard
Level 8-4: Drive home
Level 8-5: Father figure
Level 8-6: Fighting chance
Level 8-7: Full circle
Level 8-8: Silence is golden
Level 8-9: Grain of salt
Level 8-10: Dime a dozen
Level 8-11: Green thumb
Level 8-12: Crocodile tears
Level 8-13: Grey cardinal
Level 8-14: High and dry
Level 8-15: Above par
Level 8-16: Nest egg
Level 8-17: Add fuel to the fire
Level 8-18: All bark and no bite
Level 8-19: Calf lick
Level 8-20: Child's play
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