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Trivia Crack (Art) 1 to 25 Answers

Q: According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, what is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
Answer: 42
Q: Auguste Rodin is known for his sculptures in which of the following materials?
Answer: Bronze
Q: Banksy is the pseudonym of a famous…
Answer: Graffiti artist
Q: Complete the sentence: to be or…?
Answer: Not to be
Q: Gustavo Adolfo Becquer was a…?
Answer: Poet
Q: How do we call the repetition of sounds in the verses of a strophe?
Answer: Rhyme
Q: How does Hamlet kill Polonius in the Shakespearean tragedy, Hamlet?
Answer: Stabs him through a curtain
Q: How many strings does a cello have?
Answer: 4
Q: In what room did Napoleon Bonaparte keep the Mona Lisa?
Answer: Bathroom
Q: In ‘ Gullivers Travels’, which land is the kingdom of the giants?
Answer: Brobdingnag
Q: Nike was the Greek goddess of what?
Answer: Victory
Q: Romanesque art prevailed in what century?
Answer: 11th, 12th and 13th
Q: The Holy Bible is the edited and translated book. Which is the second one?
Answer: The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of la Mancha
Q: The Mona Lisa does not have what feature?
Answer: Eyebrows
Q: The Venus de Milo is believed to represent what goddess?
Answer: Aphrodite
Q: The painter Eugene Delacroix belongs to what art movement?
Answer: Romanticism
Q: What German region is famous for its porcelain?
Answer: Saxony
Q: What art and scientific movement originated in Italy in the 14th century?
Answer: Renaissance
Q: What color do you get if you mix blue and red?
Answer: Violet
Q: What color when mixed with red makes orange?
Answer: Yellow
Q: What does the Latinism ‘de facto’ mean?
Answer: In fact
Q: What does “delet” or “delevit” mean in Latin?
Answer: Destroys
Q: What fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen is based on the legend of Undines?
Answer: The Little Mermaid
Q: What famous composer died at the age of 36 and left a Requiem unfinished?
Answer: Mozart
Q: What gows in a ‘Cescendo’?
Answer: Sound

Trivia Crack (Art) 26 to 50 Answers

Q: What historical period was the Mona Lisa painted in?
Answer: The Renaissance
Q: What is the famous artist Kahlo’s first name?
Answer: Frida
Q: What is writer Paul Auster’s favourite city, according to his novels?
Answer: New York
Q: What material is the saxophone made of?
Answer: Brass
Q: What philosopher said that, due to the existence of the soul previous to the actual birth, knowing something was simply ‘recalling’ it?
Answer: Pluto
Q: What technique is used by Goya in the painting ‘ The Disasters of War’?
Answer: Etching
Q: What year was ‘El Quijote’ published?
Answer: 1605
Q: Whats the main theme in Boticelli’s paintings?
Answer: Religion
Q: Whats the most important work of Giovanni Bocaccio?
Answer: The Decameron
Q: Whats the name of a Dutch hero in a play by Goethe?
Answer: Egmont
Q: Whats the name of the first philosophers?
Answer: Presocratics
Q: Whats the name of the main character of the novel “Gone with the Wind”?
Answer: Scarlett O’hara
Q: Whats the name of the princess that told many stories to sultan Schahriar?
Answer: Scheherazade
Q: Whats the name of the writer who created John Snow and Cersei Lannister?
Answer: George R. R. Martin
Q: What’s the name of the captain of the submarine in ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the sea’?
Answer: Nemo
Q: What’s the name of the main character in “The Fault in Our Stars” novel by John Green?
Answer: Hazel
Q: When was Michael Ende’s ‘The Neverending Story’ published?
Answer: 1979
Q: Where did the Wizard of Oz live?
Answer: Emerald City
Q: Where do Ming vases come from?
Answer: China
Q: Where is located La Pedrera, a famous building by Antoni Gaudi?
Answer: Barcelona
Q: Where is the “Rock& Roll Hall of Fame” museum?
Answer: Cleveland
Q: Where was Beethoven from?
Answer: Germany
Q: Where was Salvador Dali from?
Answer: Spain
Q: Where was the theatre born?
Answer: Greece
Q: Which European sculptor created the statue “David”?
Answer: Michelangelo

Trivia Crack (Art) 51 to 75 Answers

Q: Which art movement does the painting ” The Scream” belong to?
Answer: Expressionism
Q: Which author wrote the novel “2666”, which was published posthumously in 2004?
Answer: Roberto Bolano
Q: Which famous artist lived in his own museum until his death?
Answer: Salvador Dali
Q: Which figurative language means: Exaggerated statements or claims not to be taken seriously?
Answer: Hyperbole
Q: Which german composer only wrote one opera?
Answer: Beethoven
Q: Which movie debut the first of Disney’s classic princesses?
Answer: Snow White
Q: Which of Shakespeare’s novel was set in Verona, Italy?
Answer: Romeo and Juliet
Q: Which of the following artists is known for his impressionist style?
Answer: Monet
Q: Which of the following books is written by Jules Verne?
Answer: Journey to the center of the Earth
Q: Which of the following is not a musical term?
Answer: Ricotta
Q: Which of the following is not a work by Robert Louis Stevenson?
Answer: Paradise Lost
Q: Which of the following painters is not considered a representant of the lmpressionism?
Answer: Van Gogh
Q: Which of the following was not written by Agatha Christie?
Answer: Catcher in The Rye
Q: Which of the following works was written by Aldous Huxley?
Answer: Brave New World
Q: Which of these american presidents doesn’t feature in Mount Rushmore?
Answer: James Madison
Q: Which of these is a type of drum?
Answer: Snare
Q: Which of these poets is not part of the Cursed Poets?
Answer: Walt Whitman
Q: Which of this artists suffered from schizophrenia?
Answer: Van Gogh
Q: Which one of these stories was adapted by The Brothers Grimm?
Answer: The Sleeping Beauty
Q: Which painter struggled with mental illness?
Answer: Van Gogh
Q: Who Wrote Leviathan?
Answer: Thomas Hobbes
Q: Who built the Sphinx?
Answer: Egyptians
Q: Who composed the music of opera ‘The Magic Flute’?
Answer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Q: Who composed the opera “La Traviata”?
Answer: Verdi
Q: Who composed ‘Charriots of Fire’?
Answer: Vangelis

Trivia Crack (Art) 75 to 100 Answers

Q: Who designed the Eiffel Tower?
Answer: Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
Q: Who is Stephen King?
Answer: An author
Q: Who is the author of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy?
Answer: E.L.James
Q: Who is the wizard in The Hobbit?
Answer: Gandalf
Q: Who lived in 2218 Baker Street?
Answer: Sherlock Holmes
Q: Who painted The Water-Lily Pond?
Answer: Claude Monet
Q: Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
Answer: Michelangelo
Q: Who painted the picture “The Old Guitarist”?
Answer: Pablo Picasso
Q: Who painted the ‘Mona Lisa’?
Answer: Leonardo Da Vinci (None of these)
Q: Who painted ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’?
Answer: Pablo Picasso
Q: Who painted ‘Tereus Confronted with the Head of His Son ltylus’, also known as ‘The Feast of Tereus’?
Answer: Peter Paul Rubens
Q: Who was auditioned by Mozart and said “he will give the world something worth to be heard”?
Answer: Beethoven
Q: Who was the composer of the Magic Flute?
Answer: Mozart
Q: Who wrote the French romantic novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.’?
Answer: Victor Hugo
Q: Who wrote the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’?
Answer: Roald Dahl
Q: Who wrote the book “The Notebook”?
Answer: Nicholas Sparks
Q: Who wrote the “Divine Comedy”?
Answer: Dante Alighieri
Q: Who wrote ‘ The Pelican Brief’?
Answer: John Grisham
Q: Who wrote ‘The Magic Mountain’?
Answer: Thomas Mann
Q: Who wrote “The Firm”?
Answer: John Grisham
Q: Who wrote “The tunnel”?
Answer: Ernesto Sabato
Q: Whose work is the ” Liberty Leading the People”?
Answer: Eugene Delacroix
Q: Who’s the author of the famous painting “The Sunflowers”?
Answer: Van Gogh
Q: Who’s the author of the opera ‘ Madame Butterfly’?
Answer: Puccini
Q: Who’s the most noble of the three musketeers?
Answer: Athos
Q: ln JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, before he was corrupted by the ring, Gollum was once most like a…?
Answer: Hobbit
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